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We're a passionate group of students from from District of Columbia that works hard to achieve great things with our the Speech and Debate team. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community. We are currently raising funds to send 21 students and 7 adults to the national middle school speech and debate tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 14-18, 2016. Any funds we raise here will be put toward paying for airfare for a couple of our students who need financial assistance.
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$5,025 Raised since April 29, 2016

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  • Nadine Kearns donated "In support of the aspirations and success of the debate team! Curtis and Ann Kearns"
  • Allison Gersch donated "Good luck with Nationals! So proud of all of your hard work!"
  • Julia Beckerman donated "Go team! And especially Willa Beckerman, my awesome niece!!!" - via willa beckerman
  • John Wix donated "What an awesome opportunity for the team. Every member should be proud to achieve so much!"
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  • kelly lynch donated "Good luck Deal debate team! Not that you'll need luck in SLC - you are all putting forth impressive effort!"
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  • Jon Lynch donated "Best of luck T.E.A.M from Mentor Ohio"
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    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today. https://alice-deal-middle-school.ed.co/speech-and-debate

  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Tim Stroud
  • Alice Deal Middle School has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Alice Deal Middle School Speech and Debate!


  • Tim Stroud is now a leader for the Alice Deal Middle School Speech and Debate

  • At 04:24 pm, the fundraising platform for Alice Deal Middle School was born.